Linwood / Lafayette Senior Apartments



637 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York


This project is for a new build thirty-seven (37) one (1) and two (2) bedroom
apartment building for seniors, funded through NYS Homes and Community
Renewal. There are thirty-one one bedroom apartments, each approximately 700 square feet. The 6 two bedroom units are roughly 925 square feet. Each apartment will be fully adaptable for accessibility.

At the rear of the building we have provided several outdoor community spaces, which will be landscaped with seating and green pavers. The remainder of the site will be green and attractively landscaped with trees and other non-invasive plants. Additionally, we are proposing a rain garden system which will both help mitigate the storm water runoff load on the city’s aging sewer system as well as provide
attractive natural flower beds at regularly spaced intervals around the building.

All exterior materials as well as their relationship to the neighborhood character have been previously reviewed and approved by the Historic Preservation Board. These materials include a façade which is primarily comprised of brick, and
accented with fiber cement lap and panel siding and fiber cement trim. The
windows will be of wood construction with simulated divided lights. The roof will be designer series asphalt shingles.

LWElev1 Higher resLWElev1 Higher res

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