Jefferson Avenue Apartments


Currently Under Construction

1166 & 1140 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo, New York


This project is for two new three story buildings, located on the West side of
Jefferson Avenue, taking up two blocks, bounded on the South by Dodge St. and
at the North by Northampton Street. The total combined development is comprised of approximately 21,000 S.F. of flexible first floor commercial spaces and ninety (90) one (1) and two (2) bedroom mixed income apartment units. Approximately
16 of the 90 units may be reserved for independent living individuals with
developmental disabilities.

Situated along two blocks, adjacent to the remains of the historic War Memorial
Stadium, The Jefferson Avenue Apartments incorporate both apartment residences and commercial spaces, attracting both residents and local businesses to the
Jefferson Corridor. Both sites offer ample green space and opportunity for strengthened community ties through the integrated patios, allowing residents to interact with the neighborhood. In terms of design, each building features a
distinct look and feel within similar color schemes and materials, creating a
diversified appearance in the neighborhood with complimentary colors.

Both buildings feature space for murals, as the client typically works with local
artists to incorporate art installations into their developments.

As with all of our projects, active inquiry and engagement with all stakeholders is critical to delivering a successful building. We find that getting community
feedback at the nascent stages is key. The original schemes for this project were produced without porches but were added in from direct community feedback.

Southampton_150South_Wide_150South_Rockpile_150South_Patio_150CourtyardSouth_Detail_150South_Across_150Jefferson North Mural Area

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