Grant Street School Apartments


Currently Under Construction

25 Grant Street, North Tonawanda, New York


This project is an adaptive reuse of the Grant School Elementary which will house 31 apartment units, and a two story addition to the school – fronting Christiana Street – which will house an additional 21 apartment units.

Renovation of a former school building into (52) apartment units for People Inc. with HCR funding and oversight. Construction is split between renovating the
existing school and a new addition at a former single story addition which is
slated for demolition. The existing front façade will receive an updated
appearance to match the new construction.

What we love about this project is that it takes an existing building, which was
slated to be shutdown, creates a new mixed-income building in a very nice
neighborhood. These projects are great to be a part of, as they create opportunity for new residents to find a home in an area which they were previously priced out of the rental market.

While the community response was a bit of an ‘us vs them‘ mentality, we were able to reduce the original proposed density (as per community feedback) and still
develop a financially feasible project.


Garapa_View 3

Garapa_View 2


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